Consultancy, Projects and Professional Services


We cumulate decades of experience in building robust systems and apps. We use traditional technology stacks as well as build our own where needed. We go for the solution that you never thought possible.

We work for brands, publishers and adverstising agencies that are ready for the next step in their digital transformation. 


We help you formulate what your technical needs are based on your business problems and existing workflow. 


Providing comprehensive designs allowing you to visualise solutions and better incorporate them in your workflows.

Pilots and
Proof of Concepts

Rapid prototyping, testing and iterating, allowing you to solve your short and long term business challenges.


Developing the solutions in to deployable systems, on premise or in the cloud, hosted by you or managed by us.


We help you with an end-to-end implementation for your projects. We help and work closely with our customers from start to finish. 

From the strategic design of the concepts, the interaction design and the design to the technical development and the final release at your premisses or in the stores. 

Professional Services

Partner with us, a versatile team of full stack developers, with experience in building web apps, web sites, server backends and mobile apps. 

We build applications interfacing with blockchain, wordpress plugins, apps as well as server side processes to power custom web apps and plugins. 

We use a wide range of technology stacks including Server-Side Swift, and Node.js on the server, web apps and native desktop or mobile apps.


  • iOS/Macos (Swift)
  • WordPress plugins
  • Server side Swift
  • Node.js
  • various web app frameworks and UI toolkits
  • blockchain (server side and client side)
  • Cloud deployments (AWS, DO, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Databases (Postgres, SQLite, Object Box,…)
  • C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, Typescript

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