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In this article we explain how you can use the donation option with Feather. We also show how you can adjust readers’ wallets to suit your wishes.

How do Donations work in Feather?

Before publishing an article, you will see a box on the right-side of your article. Here, keep the article price (in €) at “0”, and make sure to tick the “Enable donations” box. Your published article will now have a donation button inserted beneath it.

If you have not ticked the “Enable donations” button and adjust the price to, for example, 5 cents (note: type 0.05 and not 5 because this is € 5, unless of course you mean that 😉), then your article will be premium and therefore will not contain a donation button.

Adjust donation amounts

These are amounts that you can suggest readers to donate, and are set at € 25, € 50, € 75 and € 100 euros by default. There is also a field where your readers have a self-chosen amount added. 

👉 Please note: With Feather you can only receive amounts in excess of € 1. The reason why you cannot donate a lower amount is because otherwise the transaction costs become too high.

If you want to adjust the donation amounts, go to your administration panel:

If you click on this you will see the “Wallet customization” field. Here you can specify the amounts by changing the code “donate-suggestions =” and then pressing ‘save’. 

For example “donate-suggestion= 25,50,75,100” shows the amounts € 25, € 50, € 75 and € 100 on the readers wallet + the field to specify an amount yourself, once you hit “Save”.

💡Tip 1: If you only want to offer 3 options, this is very easy! You simply enter one amount less, for example “donate-suggestion = 25,50,75”. Don’t forget to press save 😉. 

💡Tip 2: Various studies show that people are willing to donate higher amounts online. We recommend that you do not set the pre-specified prices too low, so that you bring your readers into the right mindset!

Adjust the text of the readers wallet

When you install Feather, there is standard text in the donation button that your readers see.

You can adjust this text so your readers see that it matches the values of your site. 

To adjust this go to your Feather administration panel and then ‘Wallet customization’ (check above 👆🏾 if you have forgotten how).

Add the line “donations-message-headline = <add text>” and press ‘save’. Do not forget to adjust your own text after the “=” sign of course.

In this example “donate-message-headline= Hi, Donate Here!” this is shown as:

If you want to adjust the ‘body’ this field, i.e. the more extensive text under the title, add a text after “donations-message-text = <add text>” and press ‘save’. You can make this text as long or short as you want. 

If you add the text after “donations-message-text =” it will look like this on your readers’ wallets:

👉 Please note that if you add a very long text, the wallet becomes very long and this may not look so neat.

Adjust the color of the reader’s wallet buttons

Again go to the administration field and wallet customization. (Check above 👆🏿 if you have forgotten how).

The “color-primary =” field can be added or modified here by adding a color code after the “=” sign. 

💡Tip 3: No inspiration? On this site you can find codes by clicking on a color that you like:

👉 You do not have to add # after the “=” sign. 

Did you find this article useful? Or any suggestions how we can improve this article? You can chat directly with us in the bottom-right button, or in our admin panel as well. We always try to respond as quickly as possible. 

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