Feather Case Study


Digital media platforms today have a range of tasks to undertake. Behind the scenes, they need to keep track of who made their content and how to pay them. Additionally, for publishers using a digital subscription business model, their goal is to maximise their audience loyalty in order to keep their journalists running and content flowing.


Publishers often have inefficient means necessary to store their ownership of the content published on their platforms, in order to prove that it originated from there. 

Another challenge is receiving money, as they’re facing obstacles with sustaining their consumers. Indicated by high churn rates, publishers are conceiving how their paywalls are anti-user-friendly, attribution models are vague, and readers are not finding enough value in a subscription.


Publishers are in search of a solution that can both easily track the value chain of their content efficiently and provide an integrated payment system. 

Katalysis designed a solution that makes the ability to assign ownership to content and send payments easy, called Feather. As soon as an article is published, the system creates a timestamp that is immutable which proves that the article originated from the exact source and not altered with. Not only is it capable of placing ownership of the entire article, but also its separate components e.g. a block of text, picture or set of data. 

When publishing an article, the rules of payment can also be assigned. Hence, we provide a smart dynamic paywall that is the easiest for readers and most efficient for publishers. The paywall is cross-platform, which means that readers only need 1 login to access any website that uses Feather. Publishers have the flexibility of creating their own business model, with a choice of digital subscriptions, pay-per-view and donations.