Stop tracking and start understanding!

Increase conversions with future proof technology to increase your revenues

Smart Data Agent

Either embed our Feather Wallet interface or our headless solution that integrates with a single sign-on strategy to start understanding your site visitors.

Target your visitor by understanding them deeply and increase conversions

Our Smart Consumer Preference Targeting solution to increases the event of a match between site visitors and your valuable content or other offerings. 


CCPA, GDPR, upcoming ePrivacy regulation...

Whilst everyone is working on consent management solutions, updating their systems with every new regulatory or browser update, at Katalysis we already work on the next generation of matching the publishers offerings with consumer preferences. 

We develop a solution to protect visitors privacy whilst helping digital publishers in their need to understand deeply their audience.

If you are a medium to large size publisher and are ready for the next generation of more secure audience targeting, increased matches, whilst respecting audiences privacy? Are you ready to take the lead again and leave your competitors behind? Ready to grow your business? Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.

Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities!