About Us

Katalysis is a start-up company based in Amsterdam. Katalysis is founded by Alex Tran Qui and Eveline Klumpers. Alex and Eveline unite a broad set of disciplines and backgrounds: tech, finance, corporates, small enterprises and entrepreneurship. 

We are passionate to help publishers in the transition from print media to the digital era. We believe great articles need to be read, but also need to be rewarded. For this we have built a Micropayment and Digital Rights Management implementation based on smart contract blockchain technology. This to enable publishers, journalists and other content creators to distribute their content in the best possible manner online. 

Katalysis team

Our Team

We have a small team of driven technologists. We are driven to train the team ourselves. When interested in our eduction programme, please contact us. If you are interested in joining our team; we are open to passionate members. Please have a look at our job offer page.